Code Compliance Violations

Illegal Construction Demolition

Posted by Certified General Contractor & Roofing Contractor on August 13, 2012
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This property had a Work Without Permit Violation due to the illegal construction of an addition at the rear of the residence requiring the property owner to demolish the illegally constructed area.

Demolition of Illegal Home Addition

Below is a before and after comparison of a Work Without Permit violation on a property resulting in the demolition of the non-permitted part of the structure. An attempt to legalize this home addition was impossible becuase how poorly it had been constructed. Over half of the living area in this property had been built without the proper permits from the Miami-Dade Building & Zoning Dept. and therefore had to be demolished.

Before & after photo of illegal home addition demolition built without permits

Before & after photo of an illegal home addition demolition that was built without permits

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R.E.O. Illegal Addition Demolition

Posted by Certified General Contractor & Roofing Contractor on April 23, 2012
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This is a Real Estate Owned/Bank Owned property that had multiple illegal additions. The Rausa Builders, Corp. demolition team demolished the illegal construction, repaired the old roof and painted the entire home so the bank could place the home back on the market.

Windows & Shutters Code Compliance Violation

Posted by Certified General Contractor & Roofing Contractor on April 12, 2012
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This was a bank owned property which had a work without permit violation. The previous owners had installed the windows without permits which caused the building department to step in and give them a violation. Since this property was foreclosed and the bank took over they are now responsible for whatever violations were created by the previous owners. In order for the bank to sell this property to a financed buyer they needed to close the violation at hand.

Rausa Builders, Corp. was contracted to solve the code compliance issues, we in turn paid the open ticket of $510 and then applied for the new window and shutter permit required with the Miami Dade County Building Department. We then installed new 26 gauge shutters as required by Miami-Dade County code. Once all the shutters were installed and the windows installation was corrected we then pursued to call for our final inspections with the county. Once we finalized the permits the violation was requested to be closed and the bank was able to sell this to the new homeowner with no violations involved.

Unsafe Structure & Code Compliance Violations Rehabilitation

Front of home with violations before rehabilitationThis home was purchased with an existing unsafe structure cases open with Miami Dade county Building Department. The owners had to hire an attorney to file an injunction to put a halt to the demolition order that the county had placed on the property. In due time if the owners did not begin to correct the problems by submitting plans and permits, the department was in its right to demolish the existing house and leave the bill for the owner to pay. The county would then place a lien on the property in order for them to recuperate their monies.

After photo of fully rehabilitated residence
Rausa Builders, Corp. was hired to correct all the code compliance violations and the unsafe structure case. This was considered a full rehabilitation construction project. We demolished the rear illegal addition and rebuilt the rear envelope of the existing structure. In this demolition there were two illegal bathrooms and one bedroom utilized as an efficiency. We re-wired the complete residence with new electrical wires, electrical panel and meter box. We replaced the water supply lines as well as the cast iron sewer lines that were exposed after demolition. The bathrooms and kitchen were completely remodeled. A new Central Air Conditioning Sysytem was installed with all new duct work. All the windows and entry doors were installed new with hurricane storm panels. The homes old shingle roof was replaced with a new clay tile roof and a circular asphalt driveway was created. The complete residence was cement stucco as the existing exterior walls are from frame structure. The complete interior floor was enforced with new 1/4″ tile backer and was completely tiled throughout.