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R.E.O. Inspection

Posted by Certified General Contractor & Roofing Contractor on April 04, 2012
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In July of 2009 we were asked to inspect this R.E.O. (Real Estate Owned) property in the City of Miramar by the bank. The previous owners have attacked this beautiful home in an upscale neighborhood with a machete. They have used the machete to hack away at all the wall outlets and switches. They broke holes in walls, slammed the granite counter on the marble floor and chopped away at the air conditioning system.

Miami Home Addition

This home addition required some demolition of the original structure in order to add more entertaining area, a bedroom and bath. It added an extra 800 sq. ft. of living area to the residence and required new block walls, a concrete foundation, a new roof and interior framework.

Industrial / Commercial Fryer Room Construction

Here we built a new fryer room using a state of the art fryer system, the only of its kind in Florida. The project includes all of the necessary fire suppression systems and alarms, complex electrical control panels, plumbing with grease trap, stainless steel exhaust, supply ducts and hoods.

Fire Damage / Complete Rebuild

Posted by Certified General Contractor & Roofing Contractor on April 02, 2012
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These are photos of a home with severe fire damage requiring a complete rebuild. As you can see the roof was completely destroyed and had to be remove completely, Rausa Builders, Corp replaced all trusses, plywood and shingle roof.