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Commercial Parking Lot Construction

Posted by Certified General Contractor & Roofing Contractor on July 20, 2012
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Rausa Builders, Corp recently completed a 12,500 sq ft commercial parking lot for a local lumber and hardware supplier in Miami. The photos below show the finalized project with included drainage, asphalt, traffic signs, landscaping and designated disabled parking spaces.

Commercial Concrete Foundation

Posted by Certified General Contractor & Roofing Contractor on April 04, 2012
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This is a concrete slab installed at an industrial yard in Miami. This concrete is a 5000 PSI with Fibermesh. It has a minimum of 6″ and all sloping towards the water drains.

Industrial / Commercial Fryer Room Construction

Here we built a new fryer room using a state of the art fryer system, the only of its kind in Florida. The project includes all of the necessary fire suppression systems and alarms, complex electrical control panels, plumbing with grease trap, stainless steel exhaust, supply ducts and hoods.

Structural Repair / Spalling Concrete

Posted by Certified General Contractor & Roofing Contractor on April 02, 2012
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This is a multi-family property in North Miami which needed structural repairs to pass the 40 year certification inspection. We repaired the stairs which had spalling concrete due to rebar corrosion and we also had to cut an expansion joint along the complete second floor walkway.

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